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Clinicare UK

Clinical Waste Management

Clinicare UK part of Something Nice (Surrey) Ltd

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We are a start up, clinical waste disposal company specialising in needle exchange supply and collection. We have over ten years experience in the waste disposal industry working safely and efficiently in many different areas of the business.

Our aim is to work with our customers to provide a tailored service that meets the needs of the end user in an effective and cost efficient way. We are able to provide exchange packages of any configuration assembled and delivered to the collection point. In conjunction with planned pickup and restocking, Clinicare UK is able to provide a complete service for it’s customers.

We pride ourselves on being open and transparent with our customers to ensure that our service runs smoothly to the benefit of all stake holders within a harm reduction strategy. Discussion and planning are at the centre of our business to ensure that all aspects of our service have been specified before being initiated.

Costs level are vital, especially in the charitable sector or where public money is being spent. At Clinicare UK we believe in providing a service that meets the needs of our customers at a price level that maximises the effectiveness of every pound spent.